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  • Sari Silk A multicol, hanks of ca. 100 g
  • CHF 11.15 / hank
    (Exclusive 7.7 % V.A.T.)
  • 1.927A
  • hank

    on stock 21.571 hank

Sari Silk Quality A (Nepal Fairtrade)

Soft, woven fairly regularly with long threads 50-70m/100g, skeins 100-200 g.

Leftover warp and weft yarn from Sari manufacturers are gathered and hand woven by woman in Nepal. Wonderful yarns are produced in intense colors. Every skein is unique. These yarns work well for knitting and crocheting scarves, hats, sweaters, jackets as well as weaving (as weft yarn) fabric for clothing. As a warp yarn we suggest a Tussa Silk or Schappe 120/2x4. Create beautiful fabrics in fabulous colors!

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